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Naiknya UMR jabodetabek

Jujur aja gw bingung sama naiknya harga umr. Niat pemerintah mungkin aja baik, supaya buruh buruh bisa hidup lebih baik dan bercukupan di jabodetabek. Tapi sejak boleh naik sampe 2jt, mereka jadi bnr bnr ngegeragas. Gimana ya dikasih ati minta jantung… Saking parahnya sekarang gaji jadi Rp.2 710 000 (kalo g salah)
Keluarga gw itu punya bisnis sendiri. Tadinya kita di jkt, terus kena musibah, harus pindah. Karena tanahnya di tangerang lebih murah jadinya kita beli disana.
Kita pas baru buka pabrik barunya itu rasanya bnr bnr seneng. Kita bisa besarin bisnis sama bisa bantu orang tangerang cari kerja. Sayang banget deh, ternyata eh ternyata orang tangerang yg kita terima kebanyakan malah sifatnya menyebalkan, kerjanya ngga bener. Masa sambil kerja sengaja ngongko di tiolet? Mang lu orang pada masih skolah apa? Udh kerja woi! Dibayar, bukan lu yg ngebayar…
Udh gitu masalah umr, dengan jalannya pabrik kita ini, produkainya jelek banget padahal costnya ttp aja tinggi… gw takut kalo akhirnya bisnis kita bangkrut. Gaji mereka yg gila gilaan bnr bnr deh.
Oh masih ada lagi, beberapa minggu yg lalu kita didemo… padahal pabrik kita tuh kalo dibandingin sama yg sekitar itu kecil banget. Pas ditanyain mereka itu demo napa, banyak yg pada bilang “ngga tau pak… saya cuma ikut ikut aja” ato ngga “saya dipaksa ikut pak”
Harus sampe gimana….
Kalo misalnyansaja pemerintah tau gimana nasib pabrik pabrik kecil kayak kita… yg gede aja ngga mampu dan mau pada pindah ke kota lain.
Oh iya masih adalagi… karena umr di solo itu jauuuuuuuuhhhh dibawah jbdtbk, kalo ngga salah masih 1jtan banyak yg dari sana sengaja jual ke daerah kita. Dan banyak yg mau beli, ya iylah udh pasti orang costnya lebih rendah ya mereka jualnya lebih murah. Cost expedisi lebih rendah ketimbang beda gaji minimum…
Sekarang karena banyak yg pindah, kita juga mau gitu tapi nah coba dipikirin aja.
1 buruh minta naik umr
2 pemerintah kasih
3 pabrik pada ga kuat
4 pindah
5 orang tangerang dan jkt dipecat
6 jadi pada ngga ada upah
7 mau makan apa dong mereka?

Ya bagusnya lama kelamaan jakarta sama tangerang bakal jadi kota yg sangat modern seperti singapur. Soalnya yg tinggal di jkt sama tngerang tinggal yg kerja kantoran. Yg buruh dan yg g mampu jadi pada balik ke kampung ato mana pun yg ada kerjaan.
Ngga ada overcrowding dan walikota bisa ngedevelop kota jakarta yg modern. Satu jkt bukan hanya selatan wkwkwk.

Big Hero 6

On Monday, I went and watched Big Hero 6 with my friend, L. That movie was awesomeeeeeeee!!!!

It is about a boy who is a genious anafjnsdouhhaodnwouvhoasnc[aw

i cant spoil it

u must watch!!!!



exams are over!!!!

It must be L.O.V.E. 200% sure of that…. – Akdong Musician

Exams are over and now I’m going to school for dunno do what…

but… I found this awesome band called Akdong ¬†Musician, although they are korean and I am not a crazy kpop fan, their songs are really good!!! I feel very happy when I listen their songs ‚̧

Although there is this crazy thing. I need to go working for 3 days but I am sick for today and yesterday I went there for 3 hours only. It sucks as I need to do telemarketing, which I terribly hate my god please save me, tomorrow is the last day should I go there? I feel like just wasting my day in the house again.

Year 1 Promo 2

Tomorrow is going to be the start of the second week of my exams… There is only econs and accounts left but it is still quite a burden to study. Especially accounts (even though I love the subject) ; there is the large amount of theory that I have to memorize and there is also the practical part that I am hoping to remember during the exams. Many times i always forget the world ‘particular’ whenever it is needed, and I don’t even know why.

For econs, my teacher have given me a lot of sample essays and all of the theme is there. I mean the topics. The question won’t be exactly the same but I think I will be able to answer them. How is it even possible in 1 hr 30 min, I am supposed to write 4 essays??? Argh… -_-”

Anyway, I am going back on this Thursday to Jakarta (yay!). I need to go to the dentist and also just to take a break (I guess… unless me and my parents would start fighting again).

My teeth is weird now… I mean how could it be tilted?? Not exactly tilted though… How do i explain this… well i am scared for it.

Yesterday’s lightning was terribe

Yesterday is the day that it finally rained… although it is in the night…
The lightning kept on flashing on flashing im my room. I don’t know if that is what that cause my sudden headache but I did got a quite bad headache which I slept it off. This morning I woke up to a undried laundry and thus I had to rush out even if my uniform is not completely dried yet.
Yesterday I talked to my friends about my bullied experience during primary days. Honestly even until 5 years later I still don’t know what is the reason of me being bullied, all that I know is that at first it was just name calling, although I can’t remember what was it anymore, and then I got angry as I was rerribly annoyed with it. Then it suddenly became a total ingnored silence. Nobody, I mean NOBODY talked to me at all in the class no matter what the reason, not even in group projects, or if they are supposed to pass a message from the teachers they would all say it with a very stranger to stranger tone.
This had caused me to have a lot of mental breakdowns and even until now. I think the rest of them does not evn feel guilty at all. This is why I had quite horrible grades during my primary 6 SA2s.

My mom and I

My mom and I have a lot of different opinions. It is so much that everytime that I meet her (which is probably only once over a month), I always fight with her. It is actually unbearable. I really want to be like a lot of different girls where they can laugh and shop together and do everything that they wanted to without having to fight. Laughing as if they are friends. I know that some people may think that a different opinion between a mother and daughter is normal, but mine is to the point that it is unbearable,